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Our “IBELAN Personal Concierge Services” aim to meet the current needs of the residents of Equatorial Guinea, both Nationals and Expats alike. On one hand, there are Nationals who are faced with the difficult task of combining work schedules with personal demands such as document renewals, Notarial records, simple bank transactions, invoice payments, collection of children from school, negotiate health insurance, shopping for mum, etc. without taking at least 3 hours of unpaid leave. On the other hand, there are Expatriates who find themselves in a frustrating situation of trying to obtain much needed information about basic services such as business registration, lodging, safe means of transport, hotels, housing, Nannies, etc.

We specialise in personally catered services to suit every client´s needs, whether it be business or personal, living abroad or in country, our services are designed for individuals with demanding personal, professional or social schedules. We are discreet, efficient, flexible and reliable; our experts are here to meet your needs at your request, so please take advantage of our array of services and enjoy peace of mind.

Expats or Returning Residents

As an Expat the main concern is your safety, with that in mind we have provided services that give you peace of mind so that you can adjust to your new location with ease and smoothen the transition. We have it all covered, from a safe taxi; to the healthiest places to eat out, to the safest areas to live - we will assist you.  We have heard it all before, so feel free to ask any questions.

E.G. Resident

As a resident, we believe you are not a stranger to the daily frustrations we face when carrying out ordinary tasks such as bill payments, cash deposits, clean taxis, finding a well behaved and professional Nanny or a respectable Driver, pick up/drop off children from school, getting required information and much more. Our services are the answer to your needs as they are thought for you.

Our Commitment to you

As the first ever Personal Concierge Company in Equatorial Guinea, we are committed to providing the best services to our customers with dedication and enthusiasm. With our every client matters approach you can be rest assured that yours needs are our priority.

Please look through our service list for additional information.

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Business and Legal Consultants
Bario Paraíso, Malabo, Bioko Norte
Equatorial Guinea


EG: +240-222-744-507
US: +1 770-878-3011
UK: +44 7426-144-654
Spain: +34 631-036-899

Email: info@ibelanco.com