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In response to the shortage of experienced technical skills workforce currently faced by many companies,  our group of experts understand that education is vital to the success of any community, therefore our dedicated experienced expatriate teachers have made it a mission to teach English and  other required technical skills to the EG work force.

If you are a company or individual in need of our support feel free to contact our T&D team for assistance on design, development and implementation of systems and processes, our Business Consultants will also audit your operations for training needs.

Some of the trainings we provide:

  • Soft Skills Training
  • HES
  • English Language (interpretation, translation and teaching)
  • Compensation and Benefit
  • Workplace investigation Techniques
  • Tasks Delegation Techniques
  • Ethical values at work
  • Workplace Etiquette
  • Filling and Administration
  • Confidentiality at work and the legal claims
  • Code of Business Conduct (Development and Implementation)
  • Our Advantage, Your Benefit.

Business and Legal Consultants
Bario Paraíso, Malabo, Bioko Norte
Equatorial Guinea


EG: +240-222-744-507
US: +1 770-878-3011
UK: +44 7426-144-654
Spain: +34 631-036-899

Email: info@ibelanco.com